Vision – Mission – Strategy

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Building models focused on tomorrow to unleash energy within your organization.

Visionary, future-oriented models serve as the sparkplug of successful development within organizations. Yet from the perspective of the management team, the tangible outcome of time-consuming, energy-robbing meetings often appears to be nothing more than the lowest common denominator. As a result, middle-management staff, responsible for the implementation of the strategic goals, struggle in executing this task as they are unable to adequately understand the modeled future. Not surprisingly, motivation at all levels suffers.

We support you in creating winning models of the future by:

  • Engaging you in a dynamic and creative communication process in which individual ideas about how the future ought to look are merged to form a common, shared target;
  • Buying in the interest and support of the entire organization in the context of an effective transfer process;
  • Establishing concrete stages of implementation on the basis of the derived targets.

We have initiated successful processes of communication for many of our customers, supporting them in developing and implementing a vision and strategy model. Our experience also includes the know-how to shape strategy transfer processes. Beyond that, we are skilled in handling the difficulties associated with target setting, particularly the translation of a strategy into functional targets. We can help you maneuver through these often rough waters.