Career Changes – Overcoming Tough Times

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Employability in the 21st century

Managers at all levels are increasingly confronted with restructurings and the resulting elimination of their positions. Career paths that shortly before appeared to be full of promise suddenly offer no perspectives. In this situation professionals generally feel a sense of insecurity about their job future, even in cases when they have taken an active part in deciding for change. They often question their own performance and general ability to perform and then begin the search for a new and fulfilling role. Exactly in this situation, professional help in the form of method-based support and coaching has proven to be exceptionally valuable and effective.

With a yearly average of 10 - 15 such clients, we do our part to insure that these managers move into their future with a keen sense of strength and success.

We address the employability of our clients on four dimensions:

  • Recognizing and learning to make use of personal skills and expert competencies;
  • Exploiting one's own past in the development of the next career step;
  • Discovering and formulating the unique selling proposition;
  • Crafting an effective individual marketing strategy.