The client in focus - The focus of the client

Sample 4:
Introducing customer orientation in the context of liberalization

During the liberalization of the energy market a municipal energy supplier revamped the structures and working style of the sales organization in order to enhance significantly the customer orientation.

horsthaller consulting designed an interactive training program to instruct participants in customer oriented behavior and to equip them with tools to promote customer orientation. Five day-long workshops (one every four weeks) dealt with concrete questions and issues rooted in the everyday world of sales. Participants reflected on behaviors and learned to apply the tools. Before the training program was even completed, the participants had made obvious progress in customer situations in the work environment.

Sample 5:
Changing sales behavior to become more competitive

Internet shopping and the aggressive price wars of the major retail chains endanger greatly the competitive ability of traditional retail shops focused on providing customers with high quality sales advice.

horsthaller consulting presented a three-phase behavioral training concept for sales staff. The concept was designed to train select skills, to identify customers in a professional manner, and to communicate with the customers' needs in view. True-to-life monitoring instruments enabled the employees to understand to what extent the customer talks improved when the new tools were applied. The use of training sessions and teleconferences to review and evaluate successes led to significant changes in the behavior of the sales staff and to positive feedback from the customers.