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Developing sensible ways of working to produce sustainable results.

The big hype about process optimization is said to be a thing of the past. At least this is what journalists suggest when they report that the optimization potential in key industries has been more or less fully exploited.

However, optimization and improvement is an ongoing facet of value creation because the world around us is in constant motion. The challenge we are faced with is to engage this changing world and learn how to deal well with it. To help accomplish this it is necessary to identify and harness the knowledge of process experts, available within organizations and without, and employ the right tools to make this know-how useful.

In this matter we support our clients in a competent and target-oriented manner. On the basis of more than 10 years of field experience involving a wide variety of process redesigns that utilize IT resources, we can help you get things moving, functioning as facilitators of pilot projects. We train participants in the competent use of tools, develop project management skills, accompany the first steps of the independent improvement team, and support in architecting the right improvement structures.

With our broad background in the manufacturing and service sectors we are highly adaptable and compatible.