Welcome at horsthaller consulting

“Success is born when expert knowledge, logic, and common sense are united with enthusiasm, intuition, and a keen sense for the demands of a given situation."

Horst Haller

Our work with our clients, be they individuals or organizations, deals with exactly this synthesis. We question, detect, think collaboratively and progressively, share experiences, promote ideas, and support and accompany clients in mapping out their futures (Vision - Mission - Strategy) and in actively realizing their plans (changing systems, processes, and behaviors).  

The extensive experience of more than 20 years of close interaction with a wide variety of industries, cultures, and projects serves as our foundation, the soil from which we develop individual solutions for individual needs. In this process we assume the roles of consultant, coach and facilitator and pursue the two-fold goal of strengthening the performance of our clients and increasing their ability to respond to the demands of ever-changing environments.