Processes – Projects

Sample 6:
Implementing continuous process improvement

The processes of a service provider need to be continuously improved. The company desires the introduction of a "method box"; the training of internal process facilitators; exemplary, concrete support during pilot projects; and support of ongoing development.

The services of horsthaller consulting were recruited with the first assignment being a pilot project to prove the effectiveness of the method. A second step focused on facilitator training including follow up pilot projects for coaching purposes.

After 3 years the training became a regular part of the company's employee qualification program.

Sample 7:
Eliminating quality problems in production

Various production processes in a manufacturing company show signs of major quality problems. These appear unable to be solved in spite of intense efforts using a classical approach to process regulation.

horsthaller consulting chaired an improvement committee incorporating employees from production. After several sessions the group secured the sustainable elimination of the problems.

Sample 8:
Shaping a project-oriented sales unit

The sales unit of a medical technology manufacturing company should become project-driven in its work approach.

horsthaller consulting trained sales staff in project management methods.