Leadership and management

Sample 9:
Implementation of an HR system

Due to new quality requirements of customers, a mid-sized logistic company must implement an HR management process. This process should enable the company to upgrade and document the qualification level of its employees in a needs-driven, employee-focused manner.

In collaboration with HR, horsthaller consulting developed a criteria-based system for employee performance reviews and promotions. The system was later implemented with support from IT. It enables managers to further qualify themselves by means of specific user trainings for the system.

Sample 10:
Junior management development program

A logistic company dealing with an increasing number of expansion projects recognizes that its growth is restricted by the limited number of managers able to assume new management tasks. The company desires to give preference to employees out of its own ranks rather than to potential new hires.

horsthaller consulting developed a customized 18-month development program to train and prepare selected junior managers. Within 12 months after the program's start various participants were entrusted with new and challenging tasks and projects.


Sample 11:
A change project changes a company’s requirements of its managers

A company in the insurance sector needs to prepare all its managers for new challenges born out of a change project.

horsthaller consulting developed a customized training program for all the managers and conducted the training.

Sample 12:
Leading without official authority

An automotive sector company involved in a comprehensive process redesign decides to change the roles of key employees and plans to give them leadership responsibility without changing their level in the hierarchy.

horsthaller consulting developed a customized training program on the topic "Leading without official authority - guiding peers and influencing superiors" and conducted the training and coaching

Sample 13:
Team development

A company in the automotive sector provides its teams the opportunity to receive regular support from external experts in dealing with important issues related to team work and team performance.

Considering the unique needs of the team situation, horsthaller consulting developed customized team workshops combined with suitable outdoor events.