Vision - Mission - Strategy

Sample 1:
Division Realignment

The quality management department of a company in the automotive sector realized the necessity of positioning themselves clearly. The department had undergone several far-reaching restructuring measures that had led to confusion among the department staff. The strategic positioning should logically lead to concrete development measures and tasks. The department management wants to employ a top-down process which integrates the staff as early as possible. The process should create an awareness of the new strategic position, promote identification with the position, and produce the momentum required for necessary changes.

We prepared a top-down concept for the realization of this goal: In a 2-day, closed session meeting facilitated by horsthaller Consulting, the department management developed concrete vision and mission statements and determined the strategic framework for the Quality Management department, utilizing the recommended strategy development tools. Using a world café concept we facilitated a large group workshop in which the management's plan was presented to the entire department. The discussion of this plan led to the proposal of concrete action steps.

Eight work days were required for the execution of the overall project. Following completion the department pressed ahead to further develop the results, using these as the basis for all future strategic advances. Our concept provided the basis for constructive and crucial discussions as well as for strong consensus.

Sample 2:
Facilitating the implementation of a strategy-focused target setting process

A company in the insurance sector plans to tie its revolving strategic planning process to its existing management instruments.

horsthaller consulting supported the company in designing the annual cascading planning process and facilitated regular central planning workshops on various hierarchical levels. Training measures to improve the quality of planning and the quality of the agreed objectives were further aspects of our support.

Sample 3:
Alignment of management

The division management of an automotive sector company is faced with the task of implementing a newly developed strategy with the support of managers of all levels.

horsthaller consulting developed and facilitated a workshop based on the world café concept for more than 50 managers.